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At Patrick Quinlan Insurance Broking Practice we specialise in Apartment Block Insurance and as such we are one of the leading insurance brokers for apartment blocks in Ireland, with over 300 Management Companies placing their insurance needs with us.

We pride ourselves on our knowledge of the issues faced by Directors and Managing Agents and look to offer practicable solutions to all insurance / risk issues that the day to day running of an Apartment Block presents. We take a very pro-active approach to risk assessment and understand the need for correct risk information.

As such, we generally survey each and every apartment block to fully familiarise ourselves with the risk so that prospective insurers have a complete picture of the development which allows us to negotiate the most competitive terms available for the client.

As a leading broker in this industry we have unparalleled access to a large panel of over 18 apartment block Insurers in both Ireland and the UK who offer products for all size of blocks. Such comprehensive market access allows us to create higher competition ensuring that you, the customer, get the best possible terms available.

Insurance Solutions

When we quote for an Apartment Block Programme, there are three areas of insurance to consider, as follows:

1. Apartment Block Insurance

This policy provides comprehensive cover on the buildings and common areas for property damage as well as Property Owners Liability. The Apartment Block Premium is normally a management company’s largest insurance cost and as such this is our primary focus at quotation / renewal stage.

We have access to 18 insurers located in both the Ireland and the UK who are actively quoting for apartment block business, allowing us to ensure we obtain the most competitive premium and policy excesses available.

2. Directors’ & Officers Liability

In Irish law, any person who acts as a Company Director in either a paid or voluntary capacity has a legal duty under the Companies Act 1963 to perform the tasks of a Director in a manner appropriate to that role and is subject to the independent test of reasonableness in the exercise of such duties.

Under the 1990 Companies Act and subsequent orders/amendments a Company Director can be found personally liable for his/her wrongful acts or omissions as a Director and this policy offers personal protection against this.

3. Engineering Inspection Insurance

Under the Factories Act 1961 & Health & Safety legislation, all passenger lifts must be inspected every 6 months by an engineer who then issues a report to the owners commenting on its condition and outlining any faults that need to be rectified.

This policy ensures you comply with the above legislation as well as providing sudden and unforeseen breakdown / damage cover to the lifts themselves.

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Our Approach

In addition to offering the most competitive terms and cover, we know how important customer service is and we pride ourselves on our commitment to prompt, efficient, knowledgeable client services such as:


Meeting with managing agents and directors of management companies to discuss the insurance issues and needs of individual apartment block management companies.


Surveying the apartment block to fully familiarise ourselves with the type of construction, fire safety and security features, general layout as well as take photographs so that prospective Insurers have a complete picture of the development which allows us to negotiate the most competitive price possible for the customer.


Providing guidance on insurance pricing to managing agents for Block Insurance for inclusion in the Annual Budget each year if required.


We undertake a full and comprehensive marketing exercise every year on all our blocks ensuring that we continue to offer the cheapest terms available and issue a full renewal report for director’s review.


Full claims management – We deal with all claims reported in a pro-active manner by initiating contact with the apartment owner once the claim is reported, outline his/her entitlements and obligations under the terms of the policy and ensure the owner is aware how the claim can be speedily and fairly resolved while also keeping directors & managing agents abreast of developments.


We visit the block / apartment, if required with the loss adjuster and owner at the start of the claim to ensure the correct course of action is agreed, the need for such a visit will be discussed with the agent and/or apartment owner in each case.


We can provide staff training to managing agents so that their staff are confident in their understanding of the cover provided, claims procedures etc and are in an educated position to discuss same with owners if required.

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